Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maren's 1st Birthday Party

Maren wasn't too sure of what to do with her cake. She daintily licked the frosting and then looked at everyone almost asking "what now?" It was very cute. She loved it though. She also just smiled ear to ear and giggled when we sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

Playing in the ball pit was lots of fun!! Lots of giggles and squeals.

Swinging is always a favorite.

Maren has not quite committed to walking. She "crab-walks" quite a bit now.

Birthday Girl!!

Playing with cousin Carter in Birthday party attire :).

Maren was really good at opening her presents. It must be all that practice playing with paper :).

Getting some help from big sister.

Had a really great day. Maren had so much fun and just seems to be growing up so fast!! A warm sunny day, loving family, swimming, BBQ, (Salmon & Asparagus Maren's favorites), cake and lots of playing.....a perfect 1st Birthday Party.


  1. love the ball pix! must be a nice camera ;)

  2. Love all these shots! You have the cutest girls ever! Malaina is SO photogenic, it's ridiculous! Miss you tons already, and it was great to chat with you! Can't wait to see more pics of the beaches and the area and all your fun adventures! XO