Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finding our way :)

We have been feeling more settled this week. Malaina started a gymnastics class that she just LOVES! It is a fun gym. They apparently do very well with their team placing at Nationals most years. It will be fun to see Malaina learn so much. Maren has just started to take steps. Just one or two when she isn't paying attention to what she is doing. She says quite a few words now and signs when she feels like it. She has been having fun just pointing at things she wants. :)

The summer so far has been mild with a hot day here and there, so we have been enjoying going to the park and playing out back. This week we found a new story time to go to. Malaina loves listening and Maren loves to visit all the babies and any girls wearing pink and accessories (trying to pull off their necklaces), walk, crawl and climb on everything in the room. No sitting for me :) Maren has also been teething like crazy this last week! She is working on 4 teeth on the top. Poor baby, has been miserable :(

I have been getting out and making friends, and finding new things to explore. (see FB)

The girls just love living with Grandpa and Grandma. We are so fortunate to have such a supportive and loving family to help us get through this. They have been so kind and thoughtful and have really done a lot to make us feel at home. Thank you Mom & Dad!! We love you!

Maren is so inquisitive. She is always pointing to things and says "dat", wanting to know what it is.

Such a big girl now!! Standing by herself all the time.

Having fun and feeling good at the park.

Malaina and Maren have been spending lots of time playing in the sand box, pool and swings together.

Went with Grandpa and Grandma on a beautiful coastal cliff hike for Father's Day (It was a bit colder than we expected and very windy. We still had a good time though.), followed by a backyard BBQ and a visit from Uncle Stephen and family. A very nice day!!!

Beautiful girl, beautiful wildflowers, beautiful day!

Beautiful views all along the cliffs!

Enjoying the scenery.

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  1. I'm glad you ladies are getting settled. We miss you! <3