Friday, June 11, 2010

Enjoying our first few days in Cali

This week was on the mellow side for us. We all need to catch up on some sleep, relaxing and fun. We went to the park a lot, took naps together, and enjoyed all the attention from Grandma and Grandpa. We spent some time getting to know the area and have already met some cool people. We have some really fun sounding hikes and camping trips planned!! Being back in CA is so nice. Happened upon a street fair/farmers market this week while out walking the town. It was full of fun booths, music and lots of yummy food (that I could eat!! Everyone has GF options here :) The girls seem to feel really at home and we are all loving the weather!! It's been mid 70's all week (sorry UT friends :)- ) just perfect! We will be hitting the beach next week, celebrating Maren's 1st Birthday, and registering Malaina for Kindergarten. I can't believe the last two. My babies are growing so fast!


  1. That sounds fantastic! I'm glad your finding some happy things! I miss you, but I'm happy for you! <3

  2. Hi Rachel, the blog is a great way of keeping in touch. I love the photos, thanks for sharing. I wish you and your girls all the happiness in the world. Love and miss you, hopefully we can all get together someday:)